Clean design and simplicity.

That's what in general makes design usable, useful, equitable and enjoyable. I like to do design rich in colours and simple in shape, while following graphic design rules. 

Main skills:
- UI/UX design
- web design
- mobile app design
- interfaces
- social media design
- visual design
- logo & brand identity
- digital rendering
- personal 3D mockups
- vector illustration (ipad)
- personalised illustration (ipad)

- sense for detail
- consistent visual identity
- high quality of export

Most favourite software:
- Affinity Designer
- Cinema 4D
- Adobe Photoshop

About me

I am a self-motivated and hard working individual based in Cork, Ireland. After secondary school of art - Graphic Design and Printing Techniques, plus another 5+ years of graphic designing, I settled as UI/UX Designer with experience in Brand Identity, 3D Rendering, Illustration and Print Design. Furthermore, I have basic understanding of CSS and Frontend Development.